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Lafayette is a Colombian company with 70 years of experience in the textile industry. It is a vertically intregrated business involving spinning, weaving and finishing. It is the leader in the Latin American market for high tech polyester fabrics in both woven and knit.

Lafayette produces its own advanced polyester, which can be blended with cotton or lycra to create excellent durability, resistance and easy maintenance.

Lafayette has offices in Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico and representatives in different parts of the world, like the United States, Central America, Italy and Spain, among others.

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Why Lafayette


This fabric combines in a functional manner, easy care of high techpolyester with the comfort and freshness of cotton. Due to its composition, this fabric does not wrinkle easily providing the user with a comfortable and great feel.

View more about our fabric tech laf fresh

Fabric with latest U.P.F technology Lafsun that helps protect your skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. Lafsun acts likes a protective shield thanks to the fabric special fiber construction, that helps reduce the risk of skin damage associated UV rays exposure.

View more about our fabric tech lafsun

Lafayette’s exclusive technology, specially designed to provide comfort, movement and freedom to your body. Fabric’s special fiber construction provides every possible conceived garment with the necessary stretch, to perfectly fit.

View more about our fabric tech lafstretch

This high technology soil release finish helps to wash out easily stains without scrubbing or bleaching. Furthemore, soil release is now combined with moisture wicking properties to help absorb, dry and expel body moisture outwards.

View more about our fabric tech lafcare

Lafseal is Lafayette’s latest technology in waterproof components that was developed to give excellent water resistance to the garment, This special component will keep you dry as it impedes water to pass trough.

View more about our fabric tech lafseal

This technology gives garments durability, comfort and easy-care properties.

View more about our fabric tech laftech

This technology allows body moisture to go out quickly through micropores, giving garments breathability besides of having fluid repellency and waterproof properties.

View more about our fabric tech lafbreath

Maximum protection and comfort. Due to the construction and exclusive fabric protector, guards the body from soil and unpredictable spills and splashes.

View more about our fabric tech lafshield

Fabric with the latest U.M.C (Ultimate Moisture Control) technology, that absorbs, dries and expels the body moisture outwards, allowing the garment to dry rapidly and providing the person with maximum comfort.

View more about our fabric tech lafcool



Uniform fabrics for administrative, operational and sales teams that guarantee durability, employees' comfort and help to build strong company image.


Fabrics for front and back of the house, chefs, restaurant personnel, casinos and resorts with up to date design and finishes.


Fabrics for students and professionals in different areas of the healthcare industry, that prevent body fluids and chemicals coming into contact with the skin


Fabrics for preschool, middle and highschool students as well as school sports teams and faculty that allow the users to worry about what’s really important in life.


Fabrics for workers who are exposed to conditions where their work involves them in high risk enviroments. These uniforms allow them to be highly visible, these fabrics are intented for body and security guards, police and firemen.



the environment

  • We develop technological processes that minimize environmental impact.
  • We recover cooling water from the pressure dyeing process, reusing as process water.
  • We are now able to recycle 84% of the water used in the factory!
  • We have reduced our water consumption from 17kg to 14kg per kilogram of fabric.
  • Hazardous residues are stored in a specially designed enclosure.
  • We have invested close to 3.2 billion Colombian pesos in a coal boiler, wich enables the transition to clean combustion. This has the added benefit of burning coal with the emission of the same particles as when gas is burned, but without any negative impact.
  • Some of our base materiasl are produced using a percentage of recycled fibers.
  • We control our noise polution through double walls and isolatiors and motor exhausts, acoustid hoods for compressors, an by planting trees on the premises to bolster insulation.
  • We have partially renovated the lighting of our facilities with long-lasting, energy-saving and mercury-free light bulbs and torches.
  • We have converted all boilers for use with natural gas instead of crude oil.

social responsibility

We place importance on constantly monitoring the community's perception of our activities. To this end, a team from our company has opened a dialog with the different interest groups as a means of evaluating our impact.

lafayette kindergarten:

Hosts 75 students between the ages of 2-6. 90% of the children are from the local area.

We work with locals and with local authorities on an ongoing basis to identify their support needs, responding in turn with genuinely effective contributions that are valued by the community.

We periodically and permanently monitor the impact our activities in term of noise and air quality.


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